Ivy League colleges have become extremely selective. Gone are the days when half of all applicants could gain entrance (wouldn’t it be great if they still did that?!). Now these schools only admit around 10% of applicants: 6% on the low end (Harvard) and 15% on the high end (Cornell).


If you want to submit a competitive application to one of these colleges, you’ll want to make sure your SAT scores fall within that college’s typical range of scores.

Remember, however, that SAT scores aren’t everything in college admissions. While they are very important, they can’t guarantee an automatic acceptance. Grades, extracurriculars, essays, recommendation letters and everything else that you put into your application are also critical to the process.

This list provides the most recent (as of 2015) middle 50% of SAT scores at Ivy League colleges. In other words, the middle 50% of admitted students score within this range, while 25% scored below it and 25% scored above it.

In order to submit a competitive application, aim for the middle of this range or above at your target school. That will ensure that your SAT score is either on par with or greater than the average SAT score at that college.

Brown              2000 – 2330   Target: 2170

Columbia         2160 – 2330   Target: 2250

Cornell            1980 – 2260   Target: 2120

Dartmouth       2050 – 2340   Target: 2200

Harvard           2120 – 2400   Target: 2260

Princeton         2120 – 2400   Target: 2260

U Penn            2050 – 2330   Target: 2200

Yale                 2140 – 2390   Target: 2270