“I cannot recommend Robert highly enough. He was a steady, calm, incredibly knowledgeable guide for our son as he navigated the application process. He always responded quickly if he ran into a stumbling block. He absolutely thinks him the best help he could have imagined!”

“Thank you Robert…Your help has been invaluable to this process and I can’t imagine how we would have done it without you. “

“Based on our experience with Robert Kohen as he worked with our daughter and us on the college admissions process, I recommend him very highly. Robert is not only very knowledgeable about the landscape and the process, which he provided in data-rich detail during our conversations, he just the right combination of opinionatedness without being pushy and left plenty of room for our daughter to feel like she was leading the process and was making decisions for herself.  He provided her with tools for a rigorous decision-making process and nudged her in a variety of directions, without being heavy-handed.  He was always available when she or we wanted to talk through anything.  At the end of the process, we have a very happy daughter, who is satisfied with both the outcome and the process:  she had a lot of autonomy and control throughout the process but felt supported and coached by a real pro.  Thank you, Robert Kohen.”

“I would like to thank you for your dedicated work with her, as you made her improve her scores exponentially, and for your advice on the application strategies.  There was clearly a before and after in her performance since she started working with you. I’ll be glad to continue recommending people that ask me.”

“Robert was truly the most wonderful college counselor — I don’t even know where to begin!

I was unsure of the college process and how to go about it and he helped me every step of the way. He’s extremely talented at balanced feedback and really helped me explore myself and my own writing whilst simultaneously giving me tips and helping me improve and excel in my writing. The guidance he gave me didn’t just impact me with the college process but the writing, organization and brainstorming skills I learned from him I took beyond college applications and use everyday now in college. Robert was extremely attentive throughout my college process, making sure to consistently check in and help with all of my tasks. He has a large collection of resources, sheets, tips and other extra resources for whatever task you need to complete.

However, his aid didn’t just stop with academic skills. Robert was exceptionally kind and patient throughout the process, understanding of my time whilst never failing to return emails and work immediately. He would go out of the way to get me the most thorough answers possible to any question and get back to me quickly. He’s truly an outstanding person in a multitude of aspects who made me feel secure and confident in the task at hand.

Even a year after I’ve finished working with him he still has checked in on my college process. He is honestly beyond outstanding and if you have the choice to work with him I really do recommend it — I couldn’t have had a better counselor and would not be where I am today without him.”

“I just wanted to really express my gratitude as much as possible. Throughout this whole experience, I think I’ve learned lots and lots of valuable information from such a kind, passionate, dedicated, and intelligent person like yourself. I’ve truly never met a teacher that has taken as much care and time and effort into my work as you. This whole high school process was very hectic, difficult, and time consuming for me and without your help, I’m sure to have had much more trouble. Thank you so so so so much for everything, truly! I am blessed that my dad contacted you.”

“Thanks for all your help with everything! Working with you was more than just SAT prep – I honestly see myself as a much better writer and student after working with you. You were definitely an amazing tutor and I don’t know how to thank you enough.”

“Robert is a usually talented and extremely patient tutor. He worked diligently with my daughter struggled with academics in high school. He was successful in helping my daughter to achieve her target ACT score. I highly recommend him.”

“Over the course of a month in August Robert and I met in his office multiple times to improve my reading and writing scores on the SAT. Robert was friendly and provided specific improvement ideas for both reading and writing. Not only did he make sure I clearly understood the process to solving a problem, but he also provided notes on what we covered during the previous session in order to supplement my understanding of the material. We also went over some of the practice tests I had taken before meeting with him, and he gave me helpful tips to find the correct answer. I used many of his ideas on the later tests which helped improve my time efficiency and strategies for various types of questions. In the later practice tests, my scores improved in each category.”

“By the way, you will be happy to know that my son is progressing well thanks to your guidance… Thank you so much for all you are helping him with. Good to see the progress…thanks once more Robert.”

“How lucky are we for having you as our son’s counselor!”

“I can’t thank you enough! Your help has been invaluable.”

“Robert is an extremely dedicated and helpful teacher! He aided me in multiple aspects of the SAT and helped me improve my desired score!”

“His feedback is very helpful with teaching students how to organize and communicate their ideas better, as well as getting them to think at a higher level.”

“My son liked working with you and the lessons improved his much needed confidence. Thank you very much for your excellent support.”

“Thank you Robert! I appreciate all your help to my son, who really enjoys your lessons very much.”

“Thank you very much for everything! My daughter truly enjoys studying with you very much!”

“Robert was absolutely helpful and very attuned to my son’s needs. Both my son and I endorse his SAT tutoring!”

“Thanks a mill Robert ! Most importantly , Thanks for helping my son ……..! I’ve told a few friends about your outstanding SAT services.”

“Robert’s feedback has been extremely useful. He really pays attention to details, which is great.”

“You’re honestly the best tutor I’ve ever had.”

“Robert is great. He really cares about teaching. He is also incredibly helpful and makes himself available to assist students always.”

“Robert is very enthusiastic and helpful.”

“Robert is an animating and encouraging presence. I love that he gives extensive, helpful feedback and that he is always happy to lend extra help.”

“Awesome! Enthusiastic and engaging. He gives great feedback and is always accessible and friendly.”

“Robert is a fantastic teaching fellow! He gave the best feedback I’ve ever had at Harvard and he was always available via email or in person. I honestly don’t see how he had time for it all. And to top it all off, I actually enjoyed going to section – and it was 9 o’clock in the morning. That’s saying A LOT.”

“Overall, a great teaching fellow. Always eager to help and always makes a sincere effort. He provided very helpful and insightful feedback.”

“Robert is the best teaching fellow I have had at Harvard.”