I recently attended an information session at Macaulay Honors College (CUNY) and spoke with the admissions office about the latest trends in admissions. Here are some takeaways:

· The admit rate at Macaulay is around 5%. Students must select one of the CUNY colleges to attend as a Macaulay student. Each college has a Macaulay honors lounge, students are guaranteed housing for a few years on some campuses, and there is also a Macaulay building on the Upper West Side where many club meets and some Macaulay courses take place.

· In addition to the coursework required at their home college (students receive priority registration), Macaulay students takes four liberals arts seminars, each capped at 20 students, over their first two years. Each course focuses on a different discipline but takes New York City as its object of study and classroom.

· In addition to merit scholarships that cover all tuition, Macaulay provides additional funding for student research, internships and study abroad.

· Macaulay students receive their own special advising, wellness and career counseling services. Macaulay advisors are typically much more responsive than the home-college advisor.

· Admissions recommends submitting a one-page resume with your application.