I recently attended an information session at NYU’s Gallatin School and spoke with the admissions office about the latest trends in admissions. Here are some takeaways:

· At Gallatin, students design their own major (called a “concentration”), which typically hovers around three different academic fields of interest. Distribution requirements are minimal. The focus is on thinking deeply and critically about one’s fields of study.

· Gallatin’s program is inherently interdisciplinary: students combine methods and topics from their various fields of study when approaching problems and designing academic projects.

· Gallatin students take Gallatin-only classes, capped at 22 students (but often having only 8-10), as well as classes across NYU. Most students take about half their courses at Gallatin and half elsewhere in NYU.

· In addition to Gallatin’s interdisciplinary seminars and advanced writing courses, students can take numerous arts workshops.

· Students can partake in both Gallatin-specific and NYU-wide clubs. The Gallatin School has its own performing arts theater and campus spaces.

· Gallatin’s admit rate is close to the university’s overall 12.2% acceptance rate, and the grades and test scores of its students are roughly similar to those of students in the other undergraduate programs.