I recently visited Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where I toured the campus and spoke with the admissions office about the latest trends in admissions. Here are some takeaways from my visit:

· Class sizes are small and faculty very supportive. LMU provides help for students who need extra support transitioning to college-level academic expectations.

· LMU admits by major. Admit rates for popular majors are lower than the college’s overall admit rate. Students can minor in any field at the university, except for film and television.

· LMU is a Jesuit university. Although the school does not have a strongly religious flavor, its students are very focused on the Jesuit traditions of service and social justice. There is a two-course theology requirement, but it can be fulfilled through a wide range of courses speaking to many different interests.

· LMU’s School of Film and Television is considered one of the top 10 in the nation.

· Housing is guaranteed for the first two years. Upperclassmen who want on-campus housing are usually able to secure it. Those who choose to live off-campus typically live no more than 10 minutes from campus.

· LMU has a joint 4+1 MBA program with Notre Dame.

· Double/triple majors and minors are popular since most majors only take one year to complete and most minors one semester.

· Students receive academic credit for internships, with many working in tech in the adjacent “Silicon Beach” neighborhood of Playa Vista.

Sacred Heart Chapel overlooks the center of campus at LMU.