I recently visited Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, where I toured campus and spoke with the admissions office about the latest trends in admissions. Here are some takeaways from my visit:

· With an enrollment of around 2,700 undergrads, Lafayette offers all the benefits of a small liberal arts college while providing a larger community than most peer LACs. It also offers something else uncommon at most liberal arts colleges: engineering programs.

· Although not a major metropolitan area, Easton has a decidedly urban, walkable and architecturally handsome historic downtown at the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers. The college is perched on a hill above downtown, and steps built into the hill lead right into the city. The school also has a separate arts campus located in the downtown. Restaurants, music venues, art galleries and a theater are some of the Easton amenities students enjoy. There is also nearby hiking, biking, skiing and other outdoor activities. When looking for something bigger, students can hop on a bus to Philadelphia or New York City, both under two hours away.

· Like most liberal arts colleges, class sizes are small, research readily available and nearly all students live on campus. Upperclassmen can choose from a range of Lafayette-owned “off-campus” housing options, although these are conveniently located right along the border of the small campus.

· Lafayette offers an impressive selection of majors for a liberal arts college, including multiple engineering disciplines, art, theater, interdisciplinary programs and the ability to create your own major. A BA in Engineering Studies is available for students who might want to work in project management or other engineering-adjacent roles. Students do not have to commit to a major coming into Lafayette and have time to explore their options once on campus.

· The academic environment is collaborative, and professors intentionally design their courses to encourage collaboration.

· While there is no business major, students can minor in organizational studies as well as to apply to be a Dyer Fellow at Lafayette’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where students can find support developing their entrepreneurial ideas.

· Lafayette’s Gateway Externship Program pairs students with college alumni and community members for short externships to help them learn more about different careers.

· Students are not very politically vocal, although there are opportunities for students to get involved in local Easton politics. Athletic events are popular on campus, especially basketball, football and soccer games, and there are 23 DI sport teams. Lafayette has a historic football rivalry with neighboring Lehigh, and each year the big game is preceded by a festive rivalry week and enormous tailgate.

· 33% of students participate in Greek life, which is relatively non-exclusive. While available for those who want it, students not interested in Greek life report still finding ample community and activities at Lafayette. There are over 220 clubs, a host of on-campus events (like poetry readings, comedy skits, movie screenings, music ensemble performances), and frequent students outings into Easton.