I recently visited Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut, where I toured the campus and spoke with the admissions office about the latest trends in admissions. Here are some takeaways from my visit:

· Connecticut College is located on Long Island Sound, slightly closer to Boston than NYC. A train station right in the town of New London provides service to both cities (+/- two hours), and the nearest airport is about 45 minutes away in Providence.

· A small liberal arts college, Connecticut College currently enrolls 1,865 undergrads. The average class size is 17.

· Connecticut College emphasizes interdisciplinary study, career readiness/real-world impact and research. 54% of students work with a professor on an independent study or project.

· Distribution requirements are minimal and easy to fulfill, so students have a lot of freedom to explore different areas of interest (and can even design their own major). In addition to traditional majors and minors, 80% of students participate in an interdisciplinary “pathway” or “center,” which focus on a special topic (often related to a real-world career field) and integrate academics, real-world experience and special advising. Students complete these programs in small cohorts, which provide another avenue for building community on campus.

· Connecticut College has a robust learning center where advisors can work extensively 1-on-1 with students to help them become more independent learners, especially those with learning differences and/or ADHD. Students are still responsible for requesting their own accommodations, however.

· 98% of students live on campus, where most social life takes place (student performances, athletic games, parties; there is no Greek life). Students also sometimes make the five-minute drive into the town of New London, located right on Long Island Sound. The small waterfront town has a diverse array of restaurants and shops.

· Connecticut College meets full demonstrated need.